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Matchwin is a software to generate an automatic ledger account system, working on the reconciliation of national and international invoices participating in accounting, with the corresponding taking or payment (via bank transfers, SDD, POS, web…); to handle more complex invoices Matchwin includes a module to upload xlsx, pdf, or OCR files.

Matchwin works in an independent environment gathering all processes concerning the management of takings and payments. Its purpose is the automatic registration of daily payments in the accounting or invoicing systems and the consequent closure of the involved accounting items.


Matchwin acquires data from PDF and OCR (Optical Character Recognition):  a technology converting different documents, such as  scanned file, PDF or digital pictures, into editable and searchable data.


Matchwin automatically matches up to 95% of  transactions without any intervention from the operator!  That means only the remaining part needs a manual intervention that is, in any case, very well assisted. The operator is indeed helped by semi-automatic research and matching tools realized to quickly locate the essential data: debtor and invoice. Every unmatched account is manually managed in a few seconds.


Matchwin is equipped with a series of utilties which make possible to control the movements of all operative phases. A set of backup procedures make also a safe repository for all type of data relating to takings for any kind of business, from medium-sized companies to corporations. All the accountings, controls of lading and discharge, the state of matches, history and the residue to be handled are completely tracked and available for controls from the compliance.

Matchwin’s workflow allows the company to manage and track a whole range of side buisness to the task of accounts balance, like the mail exchange with the debtor, internal communication related to movements and actions to be done in the back/front office in order to close the movement.

Matchwin’s flexibility allows adjustments in simple premises or complex different levels of operations and structured distributions of specific tasks. It allows also to automatically manage the activities’ allocation in variable ways, according to the daily workload.

Matchwin permette di velocizzare le procedure e di ottimizzare le attività d’incasso, migliorando le attività di gestione del credito, ottenendo dati e tempi migliori sulle posizioni dei clienti.


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